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Finally a Mobile Solution!

With a combined 50+ years of experience in real estate, the founders of WhoHub have developed a mobile tool that can have an immediate and positive impact on your real estate brokerage.

WhoHub takes the out-dated methods and inefficiencies in how brokerages communicate and disseminate information amongst themselves and with their clients, and for the first time, puts it all into a simple, adaptable, easy to use and mobile format.

Why an App?

The proof is indisputable - mobile has overtaken desktop, and apps have overtaken websites. Incorporating a mobile app into your communications and engagement strategies is essential in order to remain competitive and relevant.

For an industry that is constantly on the move, real estate is lacking industry-specific technology to provide agents with the proper tool they need to be effectively “mobile” and to help them do their job. In addition, the younger generation that is entering the workforce uses mobile phone technology to handle virtually every aspect of their lives. However, those who want to become real estate agents are typically faced with a technology void when joining a brokerage, making it difficult for the brokerage to attract and retain this young talent.

WhoHub gives you the mobile solution to overcome these issues and stay ahead of your competition.

Simply Powerful

Office News

How often does critical office news get lost in the chaos of the other news and information that inundates us in our daily lives? With WhoHub, agents no longer have to spend valuable time looking for this information, and with push notification, important breaking office news is quickly disseminated to all of your agents no matter where they are. Let WhoHub organize your office news in a timely, clean and manageable format, and have it become a part of an agents everyday life.

Office Events

Just like MLS organizes all properties on the market for sale, real estate agents need other information organized and easily accessible for quick reference, such as office meetings, education classes and company happy hour parties. If this information gets lost in the plethora of other emails and texts, then attendance is low, agents miss out and brokerage firms miss the opportunity of building synergy of team spirit. What is the cost of opportunity lost? WhoHub provides these office events in an organized and engaging mobile format, so your agents never miss out.

Office Vendor Lists

Whether buying or selling, clients look to their real estate agent as the expert on everything. Most importantly, who you personally recommend for this project or whom one of your trusted office colleagues would recommend is significant in building or cementing a long-term relationship. Agents need a reliable HUB OF THIER WHOS to fulfill these expectations. No longer will your office need to send office-wide emails or require pulling out the old and outdated “vendor binder” when asking about recommended plumbers, landscapers, title companies, etc. WhoHub keeps your personal and shared office vendor lists up-to-date and easily shareable with your clients and colleagues.

Office Coming Soon Listings

No one can be successful in the real estate business without knowing all aspects of the current market place. What is on the market is public information, but the real value is in knowing what is about to come on the market! With WhoHub, your office Coming Soon listing is always current, contains relevant information, is presented in a graphically appealing format and most importantly, is instantly available to show and share to prospective and current clients anywhere and anytime your agents need them. What are you doing to help your agents be critical in your marketplace?

Resource Documents

Having only the most important documents at your disposal to either show, print or electronically share with your clients is not only a huge time-saver, but can also give you that slight edge you need to close a deal. WhoHub allows your brokerage to add any document you want to your resource list, so that your agents will have access to these documents whenever they need them.

Office Agent Listing

WhoHub enables your brokerage to keep updated profiles of all the agents and any other employees or people you choose to have listed with this feature. You can add your own notes to the profile, create a “Favorites” list or message them directly from their page.

Inter-Office Messaging

How often do critical work related texts get lost among the hundreds of personal and other texts just sitting in your regular text app.? We know this isn’t rocket-science, but having the ability to set up text groups comprised of just your team members and the ability to name each group however you want, either by property address, team name, etc., can be a huge time-saver and make your work day just a little bit easier.


Easy Administration

From day one, the creators of WhoHub realized that ease of maintenance was an essential component to ensure that WhoHub would be truly embraced and adopted by real estate brokerages and their agents.

To accomplish this, we developed the WhoHub Administration portal. This intuitive web-based tool, enables the office administrator to easily assemble and disseminate relevant office information to your WhoHub app users in a matter of minutes. With the drag of a mouse or a quick copy and paste, graphically pleasing and well formatted information can reach all of your agents in minutes.