A Day in the Life

As a real estate enthusiast with thirty plus years in the industry, I’m over the moon about marrying the real estate and technology worlds with the upcoming launch of the Whohub App. The real estate industry is demanding a change where all of the critical resources you would need at the office are available in one spot: a mobile application!

It’s probably pretty clear that I’m sold on the powers, features and potential of WhoHub, but why not bring this mobile app to life, shall we? 

I’ve painted a picture of what a typical day looks like for me and how WhoHub is vital to getting it all done. So join me and discover just how seamless my daily tasks are tackled with the help of one centralized hub built for Realtors by this Realtor: 

8:00 AM - Coffee/breakfast while I check out WhoHub Office News and peruse the WhoHub Team Messaging to review my deals in the works.

9:00 AM - Review e-mail and Facebook. In a local Facebook group, a new Alexandria resident is asking for a recommendation for someone to remove a squirrel from the attic. I pull my contact for this service from my WhoHub Vendor List and share it with the group in about 30 seconds.

10:00 AM - Go to WhoHub Office Events and click on a link to watch the Zoom sales meeting video that I missed yesterday. 

11:00 AM - My new client is asking to see two houses in Falls Church, VA. I pull up my WhoHub Coming Soon list and see another home in the same zip code. I send him information on the home straight from the app and suggest we take a look. (There’s no better way to solidify a relationship than by easily providing someone with something they need! As a new client, he is shocked by how quickly I get the ball rolling.)

12:30 PM - Lunch and another review of WhoHub Office News for any new postings

2:00 PM - Meet with a neighbor about possibly listing his house with me. He talks about getting the house perfect before listing then selling in 2-3 months. I show him the WhoHub app on my phone and pull up the office Coming Soon list. Then I offer the Coming Soon strategy which would give his house some exposure without officially going on the market. He is floored and this gives me a better chance of winning the listing and, better yet, getting the listing signed sooner as a Coming Soon.

3:30 PM - Remember that I have an open house showing in a couple of days and need to check the status of staging and other prep items. So I go to my WhoHub Team Messaging and find that specific group chat, titled under the house address, to send an inquiry and see what my team members are saying about the status of things.

4:00 PM - Client texts and asks if I have the utility numbers so he can set up his new accounts (power, water, gas, cable.) I’m driving in the car, so I pull over and check my WhoHub Resources page and send him the office list of utility numbers for clients. Boom! Quick and easy. Client says, “Wow, that was fast.”

4:30 PM - Heading to a final walkthrough and forgot the walkthrough form. Go to my WhoHub Resources page and pull up a walkthrough form on my phone and upload it to DocuSign. No need to go back to the office and it’s so fast.

4:45 PM - While driving, another friend calls me and asks if I can recommend a roofer. I go to my WhoHub vendors and immediately share my favorite roofer. I also remember that the husband of an agent at the office is a roofer, but I don’t know her number. I go to my WH agents office list to grab her number then shoot her a text through the WhoHub Individual Messaging function to get her husband’s number. And just like that -- the client now has info quickly. 

5:00 PM - Time to grab a beer at my local bar and a friend I run into says, “Hey Gordon, I’m tired of renting. I'd like to take advantage of this market and 3% interest rates. I love my neighborhood, but nothing is on the market.” I pull out my phone and open my WhoHub Coming Soon listing to show him a house in his neighborhood. We’re going to see it this weekend.

By now you can probably tell how brilliant the WhoHub app is at providing you with the resources you need when you need them. With the WhoHub app, crucial office news and events no longer get bundled and lost in your personal inbox. The influence you can have through information that is available anywhere and at any time could have you arranging a showing while on your weekly Zoom happy hour. The options are endless, and with the WhoHub app, you’ll make every day in the life as a real estate agent count. 

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Gordon Wood is the Founder of WhoHub, expert in real estate with three-decades of experience, and is consistently a NVAR Top Producer in VA.